Saturday, March 5, 2011

Video of the Month March '11

Sorry to keep waiting again. For video of the Month March we have 4 entries. And they are:

1. Video by Kerry
2. Video by Li Jing
3. Video by Kerry
4. Video by Felicia

And the winner of the VoM March goes to.......

Li Jing for his video on Alpha Verve and some of the highlights and acomplishments this season. Once again an amazing video done.

A video by Li Jing from Alpha Verve. Another first video from someone new to VoM. Li Jing I never knew you are so talented in this area too. I loved the effects used in the video. Alpha had come a long way this season, you all were not defeated when things do not go our way, but instead pick ourselves up and did it even better. Because of the ordeal, each an everyone of you became a better cheerleader. Really hope to see all of you stay together for the next session and build on what we achieve this year.

Li Jing you won yourself $50.

With this month's VoM, we have completed an entire year, the first full year since the introduction of VoM in April'10. A total of $718. had been given out so far. I promise the next year to be even greater. Come on guys what are you waiting for? Be part of the action and get paid to cheer.

P.S: To celebrate VoM 1st year anniversary next month, for VoM April'11, great prizes will be given out. Start posting your video now!!

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