Friday, March 25, 2011

BPoM 2nd entry for April'11

2nd Blog Post of the Month is a post by Jaime and reposted and tagged by Jay from Legacy on his blog. I would like to start with a sentence from the post,

"Erm, usually when my stunts don't go up, and people come and tell me you did a good job, i would be damn pissed off."

I believe this is how I would feel if someone came to me right after I finished performing. But however like Jaime put it, they still did win and in many ways.

Cheerleading is never always only about winning the championship, getting the medals etc. In fact like many of our VoM entries this month, the journey itself is much more meaningful than the result alone. And I am sure every team has their story to tell and share, and only those who had lived through it themselves can truely understand. As Jamie puts it, cheerleading is about growing together as a team and overcoming yourself.

I shall end off with a quote from Jaime,

"I hope my team and i has inspired you in someway or another, about what cheerleading really is about, because its one hell of an experience, and every single battle fought was worth it. (:"

Check out the post by Jaime and tagged by Jay: 2nd BPoM April entry or here

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