Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weakest Guy (that can do a cupie)

Been going to gym a little more regularly the past 2 weeks. I thought I would have improved on my strength, from doing all the partner stunts recently, but I was totally wrong.

What I am carrying are "light" weight. I cannot even complete a set of 8 of 40kg bench press, whereas the other guys in my team are benching a minimum of up to 80kg with more ease than me. I could not even do 40kg squats without feeling my back going to break, whereas the others are doing 100kg and above. My dead weight lifts are only at 50kg, for a sets of 10, whereas the others are lifting close to 100kg.

These are about it for the major muscle groups, which I totally sucked. The same story goes for the minor muscles such as the biceps, triceps etc. I think my best is doing the arnold press, but so, there is such a major muscle inbalance, the back of my shoulder is completely negligible or as they say "concave in" as compare to the centre of the shoulder. Now neither do I have strength, nor do I have a proportionate, nice physique. (Some people not much strength but at least they have a nice body, I have neither)

It can be a little sad to go gym with these guys, it makes you feel so bloodly weak, they can thrash me without even breaking a sweat. I guess I have to be more positive instead. Ok some positives... This would mean that while others are using strength, I am using technique to compensate for my lack of strength when doing stunts. And out of those who can lift such heavy weights, only one of them can do a cupie. And the one that can do a cupie is of a heavier weight category than me(by at least 10kg). Also I maintained a reasonable mass to strength ratio, which means I am still able to do a standing back tuck and at the same time I am also able to do a toss cupie. Non of the "heavy lifers" can do unassisted handstands or handstand walks, showing that they have yet to harness 100% of their strength and distribute it to the whole body. To everyone out there, this shows that technique itself can indeed take you very far.

Ok now that my technique has taken me thus far, and I realised that I am very weak, it is time I hit the gym more often and build up those muscles and strength to compliment with my technique. This is the only way to go from doing full up hands to full up to extensions, from doing press up liberties to doing full around liberties, and then to doing liberty tick tocks and cupie pop overs, and from doing toss cupies to doing rewind cupies.

If one is in cheer long enough, one will get to experience the constant grapple of strength and technique. At some point of time, your technique will be more than sufficient for your strength, and then at another point of time, your technique is not enough, then at times your strength is alot and yet you do not have the technique to use it. There are some stunts, having overpowering strength, and you do not need much technique to do it, also there are some stunts, having all the strength in the world with no technique, you still cannot do it. One will have to learn to juggle between this 2 entities as they work their way up the ladder of cheerleading.

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