Sunday, April 27, 2008

Facts of life

Its now 2315 hrs, some thoughts that I had in my 1 and 1/2 hour trip home from PPCC.

It must have been quite a long time since I last took a public transport that last over an hour. I have always been going around places in the comfort and luxury of my small but sufficient car. And it was the first time I took the north east line by myself, ok at least got Ken to accompany me for a while and then for the rest of the journey the music from my always reliable Sony Ericsson K750i.

I have to say that I was really an IDIOT... First I did not know when to alight to change to the east west line. I know at the back of my head it was Outrum Park, but I was just seating and waiting till I missed the stop. I had to get down at Harbour Front and take the train back to Outrum Park or so I thought. Therefore I got down and proceded across the platform and waited for the train to come. I waited for about 15 mins and yet I did not sense anything wrong, till a cleaner aunt came over to me and told me that the train only comes on the other platform, as Harbour Front was the end of the line. I was like WTF, I wasted my time waiting for a train that will not come. I did not even have to get down from the original train in the first place. At least 4 trains have zoom pass my back without me knowing.

I am really "Sua Ku", if people saw me waiting, they must be laughing their heads off. But at least I was touched by the cleaner aunt's help, there is still some helpful people out there. I guess I should learn to take the public transport more often, there are so many things which you can see and observe which you cannot have if you were driving. You get to see the ugly and selfish sight of people. People rushing and pushing into the train just to get a seat. I am not a saint myself, I would have rush in too, if I was in the mood and not so tired. I myself should be more considerate; I am so sweaty and smelly that I should have just paid the measly 15 SGD, afterall I am working, to take a cab home myself and stink only 1 person instead of the whole train.

Stunting is pretty much the same as the above senario, If you always have the luxury to stunt with a flyer that is good and light, your stunts always goes up, but you will not get to feel and learn the hard way. Its just like driving around in a car, you never get to see the outside world, the hardship that others face everyday. Taking the public transport more often helps you see and get out of your "well". One should occasionally stunt with a inexperienced, heavier flyer, the stunt may not go up, but so that he knows that there is still a world out there, that he must still improve the hard way.

Therefore to all out there...
"Don't drive all the time, take the public transport, at least then you get to see the ugly and selfish sight of people, and also the nice and helpful side of some. Take the public transport more often so you will not be as "Sua Ku" and naive as me" = Don't always live in luxury and stunt with the good and experienced flyer, try to go the long way to boarden your horizon and improve your skills by stunting with the more inexperienced flyer.


thefly said...

Ok la, Sometimes time alone is a good thing, u tend to think and come to some nice conclusions. And i think it's GOOD conclusions and perpectives because u spent some time pondering over everything, looking into all aspects, with the time available. More over it's calming and subtlety entertaining to observe strangers.

*star* said...

Yes so I did come to some, in bold, GOOD conclusions.
Thanks for being so SINCERE and NOT SARCASTIC, because you spend your supposedly sleeping time pondering and looking into all aspects, with the time availiable to post this.

And you are right, I do enjoy time alone once in a while, but I would prefer time ALONE in my car or on my bed in future.

mynameiswoman said...

I wonder if rara would be as sua ku as u?