Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The truth of strength

Below is a passage I read somewhere...

True strength comes from pushing yourself passed your limits, if you never experience weakness how can you push beyond it,so when you are faced with loss you have a choice, either pick yourself up dust yourself off and continue on, or give up, this is a true test of strength.

Passion is needed to be truly determined, as you need a reason to to push on to be able to say, 'I will not go quietly into the night, I will not go without a fight, I am going to live on, I am going to survive" it is what inspires people, it is that fire inside you that burns bright.

Fear helps us survive, it warns us to dangers, it helps us to instinctively save ourselves and others, one should be aware of their fear, understand their fear, but not live in fear, Courage is pushing through this, despite your own fear.

If a person always compares themselves to others and what they can do, then this person will always come up short to someone, this is why it is best to compete with yourself, to push your limits beyond what you can currently do, this is the road to perfection, you cannot see over the horizon, and there is no end, although it is worth it as every step you take brings you closer.

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