Monday, April 28, 2008

Spotting again

Another experience of spotting I would like to share with everyone.

A base and a flyer wanted to try the toss up hands, hence naturally they called for a spotter. The base tosses and catches the feet, but the flyer weight was behind and he could not control it, causing the flyer to fall back. The spotter was around but could not react fast enough to catch the falling flyer. End result, the flyer fractured her wrist. The base was in shock and afterwards together with some others complained the spotter for being too slow, not directly in front of him, but when they discussing the AAR. So whose fault or responsibility is it? The base's, or the spotter's

It was suppose to be a routine catch from the spotter of a stunt they did many times before, but the spotter missed. Although the spotter was being so nice and is the only person who comes along to spot, I would still have to say it is his responsibility and fault, he was the last line of defence.

A similar analogy will be when you kindly drove your friends out for supper, and you park your car without putting coupon. Your friend did mention to you that the ticket officer come here to check often, but you did not hear properly hence you did not put the coupon. Afterwards, you came back and you were summoned 30 SGD for failing to put coupon. So whose responsibility and fault was it? Yeah you are right, it was the "spotter's". Although you were being very nice to your friends by fetching them around all the time, end of the day, it is still your resonsibility to "catch the flyer", to put the coupon. Even if "it was your friend who dropped the flyer"; it was your friend who did not remind you clearly enough that the checks are very often, but it is still your wrong and your irresponsibility to "not make that routine catch", to not put the coupon.

So morale of the story is if you are spotting, spot well. It is the spotters responsibility to put in his best to spotting. And also bases please be grateful or at least appreciative to your spotters who come along to help you even if the flyer did not fall, cause all it takes is 1 fall.

If I was the spotter in the above senario, and I found out that the bases was ungrateful, unappreciative and worse of all speaking behind my back, I will never spot for him again. Bases you would not want that situation to happen right?


thefly said...

Another familiar sounding post. Erm, actually flier at fault. Haha Kidding, it's 2 pple's fault when the stunt didn't go up as plan, causing the need for the spotter, who would otherwise not be required, who was at fault not to 'catch the flier'. So end up all 3 at fault for contributing to the injury. That's MY point of view. Cos i'm the 1 involved. Painful memories

*star* said...

Did i mention you involved in the senario? I was just stating a general case.

Anyway your point of view that all are at fault for contributing to the injury is just your point of view, but not your action taken. So if all 3 are at fault, how come its only the spotter paying the price for it?

In my view the spotter is the one that should bear the responsibility the most, just like the driver should pay the SGD 30 fine. It is their own mistake for being slow.

yirong said...

i think its all.. the main base should be responsible as well.. should always look out for own flyer cos main base is the only one who has the closest contact with flyer.. at least can think of way to slow down or break fall before the flyer hit the ground and allow some time for the spotter to react.. altho spotters supposed to react fast but cant deny the fact that humans all need reaction time.. flyer shld also play a part by locking and not just crumble.. when a stunt fails and flyer hits the ground its impossible to decide whose fault was that and blame only one person.. but when all 3 parties do their part well its most of the time safe even if a stunt fails..

of cos everyone views things differently and thats just my point of view

*star* said...

Yes I agree that all 3 played a part, but the main thing is usually and almost always, "the fine is paid by the driver". Spotters get the rap for it.

yirong said...

but one thing i dont understand, why isnt main base the driver?

*star* said...

Why isn't the main base the driver?
Because this is my analogy, my point of view?

If you understand then it becomes your point of view already.