Monday, April 28, 2008


Have you ever come across a situation where your friend "jio" you to play partner stunt, but the flyer is someone not so experienced and you have difficulty in stunting, hence you decide not to go? Because you thought you go also no use because you will end up not being able to stunt much and become the spotter most of the time. But then later your friend got another flyer that is someone small and experienced and ask you to go again. This time you feel that you can stunt and learn alot from her, therefore you decide to go.

It is just like a friend "jio" you to go out from NTU to Taman Jurong to eat, but ask you to cycle there, you decide not to go. Then later he says he got a "small and experienced flyer", a car to drive you there, you decide to go.

Does it matters so much to train with less experienced flyer? Must one always have the luxury of training with a experienced flyer? Is it no car means cannot go out? No car means no value? Got car then can go out? Got car then people will follow you? I guess it really is the case these days, you have nothing they need, they kick you away. This is life.

But I would like to urge all not to think like above. For me I think that we all have to train with various different flyers of all levels of experience. This is the only way that one can improve, this is the only way you can feel your mistakes. Do not always think that you can deserve the luxury of training with experienced flyers. If you only train with experienced flyer, no one will like it and they will not ask you again in future.

Hmmm... What is me with cars and public transport today? Keep giving analogy with them. I guess it must be the 1 and 1/2 hour of journey that inspired me with these analogy. I got to realised and achieve "enlightenment" to things which has always blurred my judgement.

P.S: Sorry I am not able to upload or send the pictures and videos today as I am very tired from the long journey, thanks to myself for being "sua ku". Need to rest early. Till some other time ba.


thefly said...

O well rest well, anyway, taman jurong is a sensitive place. I didn't brush u aside when u have no car, i just didn't want to wait and decide whois the odd 1 out, and i wanted to go home to sleep asap.

*star* said...

So next time I can jio you cycle for supper?

And please go and see the doctor for insomia. You wanted to go home and sleep ASAP, but it must have took you very long to fall asleep that you decide to make a comment at 2.16am. Take care of your health pal.

Oh btw don't worry about the money I owe you for KFC, till you have trouble falling asleep, if its of help to you. I will return it to you ASAP, else you must be thinking "fuck don't know when can get my money back from Xingwei, the super geh gao and niao person. Some people cannot sleep when they worry too much.

mynameiswoman said...

Your post is always so encouraging and motivating.
Perhaps,I tend to be more bias ba like what Hybrid always says.

mynameiswoman said...

Can i link u up??

*star* said...

haha your blog so popular, you want to link me up is my honour, of cos I cannot refuse.