Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Grass is always greener on the other side.

Japan, Taiwan, Thailand... How I wish I can go for all 3 of them in this upcoming "holidays". Not my holidays, but for those still studying. To say I dread my work also cannot, at least it does not eat away all my time.

I am just feeling a little restless these days, its like nothing to look forward to. I doubt I can go for all 3 trips coming up, unless I want to burn all my leave and suffer for the rest of the year.

It seems like there is time for me now, but at the same time also not enough time. More time than during Cheerobics, but then still not enough pursue alot of things that I wanna do. Sometimes, with the extra spare time, it can also becomes an agony, too much time to rot, but not enough time to focus on what I want. Sometimes I just wish that all my spare time is taken away from me, at least then I do not have to rot so much and feel so useless and alone.

Humans are just the greatest contradictors. Always looking for the grass out there. And I think I am the worst of the lot, not only looking for green, but also looking for grass of other colours.

What rubbish am I talking about, pardon me for my random rumblings. I just need a direction or a sign.

Lets hope watching some videos can lighten up my mood.

"I wonder does superman need a compass when he flies..."

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