Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VoM - 5 Year Special

5th of November is the 5th year anniversary for Snow and myself (note there is a difference from the formation of X-Wonder anniversary). We got together on 05Nov05. Time passed so quickly.

To celebrate the occassion, we decided to have another special VoM of the month.

As usual all rules will remain the same with only difference in prize.

This time the prize shall depend on your length of video should it become the winning entry. Prize shall start from $50 for video entries of 10secs to 1 min. Then for every 1 more minute or part thereof of video length, the prize will go up by $10, up to a maximum of $150 (10 minutes and above).

For example, if the winning entry is 1min 20secs - prize will be $50 + $10 = $60, if the winning entry is 3mins 40secs - prize will be $50 + $30 = $80, and if the winning video entry is more than 10mins - prize will be $150.

Simply (stand a chance to win):

10secs - 1min = $50
1min 1sec - 2min = $60
2min 1sec - 3min = $70
3min 1sec - 4min = $80
8min 1sec - 9min = $130
9min 1sec - 10min = $140
>10min = $150

Alright, that being said, a very long video is not necessary good. Pls do not try to drag the video just for the sake of standing a chance to win more money. The quality of the video is still the most important; you do not wish to make me fall asleep watching a boring 10min video.

P.S: With the dollar for dollar policy of BPoM, BPoM prize will also be following what the prize payout of VoM turns out to be. So what are you waiting for? Come and get the money if you want to; you may potentially win up to $300 for a good video linked to a good post.

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