Sunday, October 31, 2010

5th entry for November VoM

The 5th video entry for November VoM by Zhaoming is ACES last run of the Nationals 2006 routine before moving out to Toa Payoh hub. If you make a comparision between this video and the one of the actual (4th November VoM entry) you will find that almost everything to the little details are almost the same. My point here is that whatever performance you put out on the competition ground, is probably the performance you can consistently hit during training. If you cannot hit your stunts even during the last day, do not expect a miracle on the actual day.

Another thing that strikes me when I watched this video again after so many years is that the neatness and sharpness was amazing. Nowadays often stunts difficulty takes much more emphasis over the neatness and sharpness of the routine hence compromising on it. The competition is so stiff now that everyone is pushing so much and even incoporating stunts that are yet to be 100% into the routine. Although this 2006 winning routine has much less stunts difficulty (with respect to current days, then still considered super zai), but it has to be one of my best performed routine in terms of confidence and execution. We were so on the ball then and I remembered that immediately after the prelims, we headed back to our training ground to train, not to work on the stunts, but just purely 4-5 hours of arm motions for cheer and dance. I have to thanks Oat and friends for the chair treatment, and to help us so much to enable ACES to win our 1st ever championship. Thank you so much.

This 3:43 video stands a chance to win $80

P.S: Hope to see routines that are flawlessly executed for Nationals 2011

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