Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just some sharing

Of late my posts are starting to consist of only VoM and BPoM updates. Ken pointed this out to me as well, and preferred my "old blog", the times where I update more about cheerleading related topics. I still had many thoughts and ideas I always wanted to share with every one, but this year had been a really fulfilling and packed year for me, and I am constantly busy now even on the weekends for me to find time to sit down and pen out my thoughts. Since we are on the topic of VoM, BPoM and giving, I shall do a "proper post" and share some of my thoughts on giving.

The updates of VoM itself is taking up a portion of my time; having to get the links to the videos and FB correct, to talk about the videos and cheerleaders in the videos etc. People started asking me questions about why I started VoM? My answer is simple, I want to give back to cheerleading what it had given me. At the same time I do not want to restrict it to only a few people or a team, but yet there are currently no cheerleading funds or grants in SG known to me for me to contribute to. Hence so far my best idea I had was the VoM, where I can leverage the power of social networking (Facebook) to reach out to more cheerleaders in SG. If you have yet decide to participate because you are afraid that it is a scam or something, I really urge you to reconsider.

So why give? Some may ask where do you get the money from? Well, a simple breakdown would be from the money I save during lunch. For some of you may have already know that I do not go for lunch during work and it has 4 main benefits:

1) More time to rest and catch up on sleep, so I can cheer more at nights
2) Helps me to lose weight or maintain it
3) Save money
4) Contribute to VoM

So you see, taking 20 working days and $5 saved on lunch each day, end of the month I will net $100. And out of the $100, I saved $50. And taking out the other $50 for VoM really does not hurt my pocket that much, while at the same time I believe it can help to give back to cheerleading in a way or another, to someone who might need the $50 more than I do. To continue cheerleading after graduation, I learn to tweak my lifestyle so that it benefits me; and at the same time now I want to share the benefits with others. A simple change like skipping lunch really adds up and a simple act of giving goes a long way.

Start giving, be it your time, energy or money. If you are thinking, "I will start giving when I have more money or time.", most probably you will never start, because as humans we will never have enough of money and time. Even starting off small would mean so much and once you have started, you will feel the joy of giving and also receive the blessings; that you would want to give more and more. Remember give and you shall receive.

Other then to give with your heart and within your means, find something meaningful for you to give. Do not give just to give. Some people may tell me, why not I just give to registered charities, i.e NKF, this way can get income tax rebates. For me I feel it does not work this way. I give for something I feel connected to, meaningful and truely want to give back to. And that is cheerleading for me. To you it may not be cheerleading, you may want to volunteer at the orphanage, or give to cancer research, or help the wildlife, as long as you feel connected with it.

Living such a hectic lifestyle has taken it's toil on me some way or another. These days, my father was constantly telling me to sleep earlier and stop torturing my body, that I am not so young anymore. Having irregular meals and lack of sleep sure is "killing" me slowly. But I feel happy doing what I do. If I were to stop doing these, I feel I may "die" even earlier. Cheering at nights are what's keeping me "alive"; something to look forward to at the end of the day's work. Also the thought earning more money, so I can give more is what gets me up from my bed early in the morning to go to work. It is a "vicious cycle" indeed; looking forward to my "night life" to cheer and then waking up early for my day job to make more money. Regardless of the vicious cycle, I would not exchange my life now for anything else. Even if I know it is bad for my health and even I were to die soon, I would be glad that I had truely lived my life and my passion. I would not trade it for a mundane life of just going to work aimlessly, without any vision for my future, just staying alive longer physically, when I am actually already dead mentally and spiritually.

Death is part of the natural cycle. We all live and die. What matters are the things you do while you lived. This year, we see the passing of 3 great leaders of Singapore; they are like the fathers and mother of the nation. I would not want to imagine a Singapore without them; Dr Goh Keng Swee, JB Jeyaretnam and Kwa Geok Choo. As they passed on, everyone remember these great people not for their personal wealth or personal achievements, but for what they have given and contributed to Singapore, to the nation, to the society, to the community, to the individual. It is their selfless efforts during their living days that will be remembered and missed sorely by everyone whom their lives have graciously touched. Stories will be told for generations about their contribution and not of their wealth. I am no where near even 0.01% as great as these founding fathers and mothers of Singapore, but I would love to live my life modelling their selfless personalities, strong characters, grace and generosity. I am not there yet, but I want to start.

Last week I was sent by my company to attended a 2 day seminar at RWS. The seminar is about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). CSR is something along the lines of being responsible, conscience to the society, to conduct business in a ethical manner and also includes giving back to the stake holders and society at large. Some examples such as manufacturing plants to reduce the CO2 emissions, and the more commonly practice of philanthropy including monetary donations and aids.

During the 2nd day of seminar, one of the speaker is Jack Sim, founder of World Toilet Organization. His speech was very well delivered and I shall not attempt to replicate any part of his speech, but do go check out about Jack Sim to find out more. This guy in my opinion is amazing and blessed; he left us with many thoughts. One of the things he said,"When you start to do good and help people, naturally many will come to help you to help people and no matter how big the vision is, it will work out". This guy has many professionals such as laywers working for his organisation for free. When you do good, good people will come to you and together you all can create a better world.

As cheerleaders, as a cheerleading community as a whole, we all too have a "CSR", or social responsibility to the society and community we live in. One person's strength might not be big enough, but 1 person definitely can influence the one just next to him/her and then another and another so on. Soon if more starts to develop a culture of sharing, giving and a sense of social responsibility, we can create miracles. So never doubt the strength of 1 person, or of yourself, start today and soon we will all see the benefits. The powerful waterfall you see, too starts with a single drop of water.

P.S: End up after such a long post, it is still not about "cheerleading" topic. haha. But I think to me now cheerleading is not just about the techniques, stunts, competition or winning. It is time to move on beyond that.

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