Sunday, October 17, 2010

BPoM 1st entry for November

The post from Spectrum's blog by Veronica and tagged by Wee Keat for our 1st entry of BPOM November. The post speaks about Veron's cheerleading journey in Spectrum and how cheerleading had change her, making her a better person, a true team player and better leader. "The journey is not over yet, and there are still more memories to collect."

I really loved this post. I always believe in being thankful for where you came from, to appreciate the people that had come before you to make it a better place for you to cheer in. Just like cheerleading has given me a whole new life, cheerleading has also given Veron wonderful experiences and memories. I am sure cheerleading changed many lives out there too.

Check out the post by Veron and tagged by Wee Keat: 1st BPoM November entry or here

P.S: Always show respect to your seniors, even though you may have surpassed them in terms of abilities. You are only able to do it because of the seniors that came before you. Cheerleading has no place for people who shows disrespect.

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