Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Video of the Month October '10

Had a very hectic September and very quickly it is October again. It is time again to reveal the winner for VoM. Let us recap the 7 entries for VoM October:

1. Video by Evanns tagged by Kaibin
2. Video by Ka Hau
3. Video by Yod tagged by Edward
4. Video by Ruth
5. Video by Joline tagged by Chaang
6. Video by Hann Bin tagged by Ochi
7. Video by Joseph

There were quite a few really good videos this month, and it took my a long time and loss of some hair before I came to the decision. VoM October goes to.......

Evanns from ACES for her promotional video of ACES and also Kaibin for the entry tag. Really good effort by Evanns and also effort by Kaibin to tag the video. Let's take a look at it one more time.

A every nice video showing the lifestyle of a cheerleader. Cheerleading has always been fun and fulfilling in my opinion; not only in terms of the stunting and training, but as a whole package and the video totally captures the essence. This is what made the video stand out to me. Really great use of video editing too, with nice selection of music. It was a really professional piece of work done. Evanns continue to make such wonderful videos k.

So Evanns and Kaibin you 2 won yourselves $50.

Thanks to all who supported.

P.S: Get ready for November VoM

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