Sunday, October 31, 2010

4th entry for November VoM

The 4th entry for November VoM is Ong Kok Teong, very very grand senior of NTU ACES and tagged by Ong Wei Cheng, current coach of NTU ACES. For those who do not know about Kok Teong, he was 1 of the pillars of the early days of NTU ACES, always leading the way in terms of stunting, dance, gymnastics and almost in every aspect. It is safe to say that without him, ACES definitely would not have achieved so much (another important piece of history lesson, esp for current ACES juniors).

It is an old video that is being uploaded to FB; NTU ACES Nationals 2006 winning routine. In it you can see KoK Teong doing 3 passes (roundoff back hand back tuck) in the last leg (1:23 - 1:33) of the gymnastics segment. Back in those days, it was a great achievement as we all started gymanstics from sratch, without proper coaching, and only at the ages of 23 and above. This 5 min 13 secs video stands a chance to win $100.

P.S: 5 days left

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