Friday, November 5, 2010

Video of the Month November '10

Nov 5th, our 5th year anniversary had just past, and it is also time to announce the winner for VoM November. This is the first time we are having this special promotion of pegging the prize ammount to the duration of the video. We have a total of 9 entries for this month, an all time high. Without further ado lets recap the 9 entries:

1. Video by Spencer tagged by Chaang
2. Video by Kerry
3. Video by Kerry
4. Video by Kok Teong and tagged by Wei Cheng
5. Video by Zhaoming
6. Video by Zhaoming
7. Video by Kerry
8. Video by Kerry and tagged by Ruth
9. Video by Jiahui

Some nice videos entries we have and the VoM November goes to.......

Kerry for his video on the toss cupies at RWS, and also to Ruth for tagging it.

A simple but nicely done video that showed the 4 tries taken to get a good take for 3 toss cupies. The background chosen for the video was excellent as well; managed to capture the entire Universal Globe. Nice job on the commentaries as well to provide a much needed humour to my hectic life.

So for this month's promotion, with the video at 59secs, Kerry and Ruth you 2 won yourselves $50.

Although I was pleased with the number of entries this month, I am hoping to see more entries from a wider circle of cheerleaders and not just cheerleaders who know me. If you hear of VoM, do not hesitate to join; it is open to everyone even if I do not know you.

P.S: 2010 is reaching it's end very soon.

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