Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Post of the Month November '10

We have 1 entry for BPoM November:

1. Blogged by Veron and tagged by Wee Keat

Although we are a little dissapointed to receive only 1 entry, nonetheless the prize shall still be awarded. It is very simple, just make and entry and stand to win a cash prize.

Congratulations to Veron and Wee Keat for winning the prize of $50.

Veron's Blog Post once again:

Veron -

Even though there is only 1 entry, due credit had to be given and nothing is to be taken away from the post. It is a very heart warming post by Veron about her memories and journey in cheerleading. It speaks about how cheerleading can positively changed one's life. Last but not least; remember the journey is never over till you said it is, "The journey is not over yet, and there are still more memories to collect." If you have ever been involved seriously in cheerleading, you will know what Veron is talking about, while the rest can only wonder.

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