Thursday, November 4, 2010

9th entry for November VoM

The 9th video for November VoM is by Jiahui. This is the only month since June that we got 9 entries, tying the record for the most entries of the month. We have about 24 hours left to break that record.

The video shows KC and Jiahui doing a cupie lib tick tock. This is a stunt that 2 years back, KC the cupie king himself dared not even attempt. This goes to show again how much the standards have been rising. KC and JH continue to push and set the standards ok. Jiayou everyone.

This video stands a chance to win $50

P.S: Next up cupie lib tick tock pop over?

1 comment:

wpsl said...

Cupie lib tick tock pop over - The name is too short for the amount of strength and skill involved. Still worthy to try but after perfecting the R.E.W.I.N.D. cos its more important than anything else now:)