Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ultimate Dream

Watched the video made personally by my 徒弟few years back already? If you did I hope that you enjoyed it or had a good laugh at it.

Everyone starts from the beginning and slowly work their way to the top. The above mentioned video might be funny to some, especially to those that went through the road together with Kelvin Awesome right from the start; but at the same time, I think the main message that I am trying to bring across is that everyone starts the same, and then you write your own story from then on.

Another important message is that everyone should have your own "Ultimate Dream", and then work towards it. It is fundamental that you be humble, admit your weakness and acknowledge the success and abilities of those before you; model someone you know, and that goal you set out to achieve will be reached faster than you know it.

1. Dreams
2. Be aware of yourself; acknowledge and model the successes of others
3. Positive thoughts and Believe in your dreams
4. Actions

Achieve these step by step and you can be sure you can achieve and even exceed your "Ultimate Dream". If Kelvin Awesome can do it, so can you.

P.S: Something I learnt, "If you want to be rich, do what rich people do." So similarly, "If you want to be great, do what great people do."

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