Monday, November 23, 2009


1 more very important lesson I learnt in MMI, that is to celebrate. It is of upmost importance to recognize your efforts and achievements and then celebrate it. You have to give thanks to yourself, and reward yourself when you did good; if not you will lose sight of the reson why are you striving so hard for. There will always be someone "better" than you in some way or another, this is a fact that cannot change. But if you were to wait till you become "the best" before you recognise your own efforts and success; the probabilty is that you will never get to celebrate that thinking this way. Focus on yourself, you cannot control others. If you do not learn to celebrate small successes, you will never get to the point to celebrate something bigger. Celebration does not mean being light headed or resting on your laurels later, it just means to tell yourself:"you did great!, let's jiayou more!"

You know celebration comes in many forms, it need not be like a party kind, everyone gets drinks on the house and dance to the music etc. Celebration can also be just a quiet meal and sharing with some friends of yours, or even the joy and high fives all around (bubble tea works pretty well too) after you succeed in a new stunt is also a form of celebration. Success breeds success right, so does celebration - the more you celebrate, the more you attract celebration into your life.

There was once, during an NFL game, Team A was losing to Team B by a huge margin and there was only minutes left to play. Team A managed to score a try at the last minute, and ran around celebrating like they have won the title, even though they still lost. After the game, the captain was interviewed about his team's wild celebrations even though the try means nothing to the game final result. The captain simply said,"Because we want to win the next game!"

You see the point is to learn to celebrate when you achieve something, however small it may be, so as to build momemtum for the "next game". You do not want to end off a game or a session feeling down, you lose the momemtum. This is the reason why we always push for 1 final "all stunts up" or 1 good effort to end off the day; we all like to end with a high so we can start on a high again the next "game".

So celebration attracts celebration; if you do not learn to celebrate, you probably will not celebrate at all, and you are telling your life not to give you a reason to let you celebrate. So when you did something you feel proud of, show it, share it to the world, so that your friends can celebrate it with you, drawing all the positive energies into your life. Even a simple " great job", "nice one", or "you did great" comment from your friend encourages you, and they are celebrating with you. The people who celebrates with you too will feel the uplifting energy if they are truely happy for you; the same power will go to you when you celebrate and congratulate a friend sincerly for their success. When people got a breakthrough, "jump onto the bangwagon" with them; go with where the positive energy is, tap off from their successes, celebrate with them and soon you will find success knocking on your doors too.

P.S: If you have got it, show it; and there will always be those who will celebrate it with you.

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