Monday, November 23, 2009

Find that inner you

I was thinking and reviewing the 4 key steps that I brought up in the post Ultimate Dream. I came to a conclusion that the hardest point to achieve is probably no. 2) - Be aware of yourself; acknowledge and model the successes of others.

(1)To have a dream is probably easy and straight forward, and then to (3)believe in it and (4)acting it out is not too hard if you really want to achieve it. But (2), that is to be aware of yourself, and to accept and model the success of people is hard. I guess it all comes down to ego. How many people will dig up their true weakness and will go around telling people and admitting their weakness? Or even more, acknowledging and accepting other's people's success and learn? These are times we wonder how come our ego is so big.

I may not have the biggest ego around, I learn to at least acknowledge and respect the person ahead of me at least in my mind, though I may not say it out sometimes. However at times I do blog it out too, to reflect my inner thoughts.

I recognise and give thanks to my "roots" and mentor-

I respect and model the successes before me - The Great

I paid tribute to and strive to emulate one of my model - 巅峰不过是开头

So ask yourself, how do you want to live out your life?

P.S: Please do not take my word or quote me for it, find out the way for yourself. All I can do is share what works for me.

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