Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Millionaire Mind

I was wondering to myself:"How come I feel much better doing stunts these few days; I haven been training at all for almost the past half a year." I came to the conclusion that it comes down to 3 main reasons.

1. I lost weight
2. My knee hurts less now
3. My mindset changed

For the past almost half a year, from the time I came back from Taiwan, I had been losing weight. From 90kg when I just came back from Taiwan, to 84kg in 3 months. Then I started taking this nutrition supplement as a meal replacement, and for the next 2 months, I lost another 4 kg to 80kg. I lost a total of 10kg in 5 months.

My knee also hurts less now, I feel it may be because of the lesser weight on them and also because of the nutrition supplement that I am taking. It helps the body restore to a well balance state.

The last reason, which I felt was the main reason for feeling better, is the mind. In fact, it was my mental which drives me to lose weight and got introduced to the amazing product. What you want in life, you attract it to you.

A person's life is determined by 4 components, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical. Realise that 75% of it is in the head. And of that 75%, mental is the 1 that is the most within your control (it is much harder to control emotions, thats why people often emo). Consider this analogy, the fruits of the tree synonymies to your success; and if the fruit is rotten, where do you think is the problem? The problem is probably in the roots. And the roots synonymies to your mind. What you cannot see (the roots) is 75% of the equation to success.

I have been trying to work on myself the past 2 months, especially in the mental aspect. By a combination of a sequence of seemingly random events, I went for the Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) seminar held at Expo over the weekends. It was a seminar by T Harv Eker, author of the "Secrets of a millionaire mind". Objective of the seminar is to show people the minds and habits of rich people and help begin the process to condition everyone to think, believe and act like rich people, so that everyone can become rich and successful like the millionaires in the world.

Some people may have started saying that it is so corny, cheesy, stupid, scam or whatever negative. I do know and got to interact with such people with a very negative mindset to change and learning. I can understand them, and the reason for such a behaviour is because it is programmed deep down into their subconcious already. However if you have an open mind, I am very sure if you implement what you learnt(from the seminar), you will become very successful. In fact I was only half correct when I said "implement what you learnt"; it should be unlearning what was taught to you in the past that got you to the state you are in now. Ever heard of old habits die hard; this is what it is all about, "unlearning" your old habits that stops you from more successes. I cannot remember whose quote, but it goes someting like: "Failure is often not about what you do not know, it is about what you know that just ain't so"

MMI was fundamentally supposed to be a seminar on how to create wealth, how to become rich; but I thought that it goes much beyond just generating money, it gives alot of insights into life itself. I always mentioned in the past that to do cheerleading or any other sport to the highest level, you have to do it as your lifestyle. This is no difference when you want to attain high levels of success - you have to live success as your lifestlye. Success as with everything else can be trained.

My mother was telling me that she watched videos of T Harv Eker before almost 10 years ago, and that he looked slimmer and much healthier now. I guess success, health and your image are directly related. In fact they are as revealed in the seminar. If you want to change the world, start by changing yourself. It is also no wonder, that statistically, obese people are not as successful as those not. (Don't take my word for this; just go google on this topic and you can find lots of articles relating obesity with health and money.) This is not the same as saying fat people will not be successful; but just maybe not realising their full potential.

Henry Ford: "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're both right". Your life is basically made up of your thoughts, and then living in such a way to fulfill your thoughts. You manifest your thoughts, no matter positive or negative. The universe has infinite possibilities, it will give you what you asked for.

The last part to the puzzle would be then to receive. Receive what the universe is trying to give you, it may come in the form of signs or hints, in form of a person, or inspired thoughts. It may not always be something which you like, if you asked for help, but is still resistant to receive, then all the goodness will go to someone else. Your comfort zone is in direct proportion to your money zone; be willing to do what's uncomfortable and it will be the time you are growing.

So all in all, what is in a millionaire's mind? To sum it up: it is not just about making lots of money, but in a millionaire's mind, it is desire, the belief and the lifestyle to succeed. One cannot achieve complete success if one cannot become better from every single cell of one's body. Start to find improvment in your life, focus on the improvements, and improvements will come. The greatest hurdle often comes in the form of: "I know that".

P.S: Just when you think the road is going nowhere; just when you've almost gave up on your dreams...

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