Friday, November 20, 2009

Story of my 徒弟

Was talking about history just now, how each of us went through a long tough road in cheerleading. And then we remembered and brought back memories of a long lost video made by non other than our Cheerobics 2009 Partner Stunt Champion Base; who everyone come to know as Kelvin Awesome. It is a never seen before footage by the public (only certain fortunate people ever saw it), something like a "Leak xxx Tape".

Remember this post, Awesome WPSL? And the video below?

Would you all be interested to see the "self made home video" of my first 徒弟? Of how he began his cheerleading career?

How many of you would like to see the "Leak xxx Tape"? Haha. Ok the wait is finally over.

For the first time it shall go live to all!!

He was indeed very kind to be willing to share this video with everyone and given me the permission to do so. His hope is that it can inspire the young budding cheerleaders out there and to let all have a good laugh at the same time.

Ok without further a do...

Presenting to you the video taken out from the archives; from the olden times where video specifications were less than 1 megapixels.


You surpassed your "Ultimate Dream" by miles and is still going on and on...

P.S: This guy has grown by leaps and bounds (so has his size literally, haha) since the first day I see him cheer; No doubt a Champion in everyone's eyes.

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