Sunday, December 5, 2010

Video of the Month December '10

I apologise for posting this up late, it was in my drafts for a few days, sorry if I kept some waiting. For video of the Month December we have 4 entries. So let's not keep you waiting anymore, recapping the 4 entries:

1. Video by Evanns tagged by Sont
2. Video by Hann Bin tagged by Chaang
3. Video by Ochi tagged by Hann Bin
4. Video by Matthew and tagged by Jaslyn

And the winner of the VoM December goes to.......

Ochi for his video on Hann Bin doing and extension back hands cupie (or was it his promotion for DIY again). Ochi will share the prize with Hann Bin for tagging it.

A short video showing us the amazing potential of Hann Bin, getting his first ever cupie on his first session trying it. I also have to give credit to Ochi again for his constant "spamming" on whatever channel he can; he does not even let go the chance to promote DIY "hijacking" the success of Hann Bin. Though some of his FB friends may find it irritating (esp those not involve in cheer) to keep seeing his notification about DIY flooding their wall, but Ochi stuck at it and did not mind being "scolded" for flooding. Sometimes being "hated" for doing the greater good is a worth it. Great job Hann Bin once again for hitting the cupie.

Ochi and Hann Bin you 2 won yourselves $50.

Having already won the BPoM this month; Ochi is now winner of both the BPoM and the VoM, showing everyone that it is indeed possible to win both together. Continue to support both BPoM and VoM.

P.S: It is time for me to take a leap of faith

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