Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BPoM 3rd entry for December

The 3rd entry of BPOM December is by Harlis on behalf of Weiwei for his post, "A Note for everyone…", based on Weiwei's note on facebook. This post by describes Weiwei's views, thoughts, and emotions about coaching a team. It definitely speaks out the many unspoken difficulties a coach often faces and the type of struggles that a coach goes through.

A point in the post that I want to highlight is "3) If the stunts cannot be hit, I feel that I have let the team down by not being a good coach."

Like Weiwei, as a coach, this is a thought that always pops up in my mind whenever we fail a stunt. As much as coaches do not wish to feel this way, but this is just one of the mental struggles a coach faces. And as a coach, you are the strong one, you have to carry the burdens of the team, to push the team forward. A coach may appear calm outside, but a thousand thoughts/worries are simultaneously running through the mind as he/she watches and supervises the training.

So players, please do your part to help our your coaches; you may feel the physical stresses which ends after a couple of hours during trainings, but your coaches feel the mental stresses that does not end even as they lie on the bed. Do the things your coaches tell you to, the conditioning and exercises they give you.

As Weiwei pointed out: "Unless I am your mum, I am not able to constantly monitor your physical fitness, flexibility and strength training.".

I think even mums nowadays may not have 24hrs to constantly monitor you; it really is all up to oneself.

Check out the post by Weiwei and tagged by Harlis: 3rd BPoM December entry or here

P.S: How you do anything is how you do everything

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