Saturday, December 4, 2010

BPoM 4th entry for December

The 4th entry of BPOM December is by Ochi, the incoming captain of Wildcards for his post on Wildcards Blog, "Kungfu Master Theory". Once again a great post from Ochi. The gist of this post is to encourage everyone to give and teach wholeheartedly. If you are a master in certain skills, always help others to achieve it too, without witholding any information or the last bit of tip that would make it hit.

All that is summed up into 1 sentence:

Most importantly, are you willing to teach beyond your 100% and help your peers improve to a level beyond yourself and in return squeeze that 10% in return?
-Quote by Chaang

The post went on to illustrate many examples of the above principle and how it had helped Ochi and his teammates to speed up their learning curve. I shall end off with a quote from Ochi in the post:

So cheerleaders guilty of the Kung fu master theory do remember this. What you teach is what you get, embrace the power of social creativity. Don't be shy to teach in full and teach it well because very soon, at the end of the day in a 16 man routine it is the collective ability that counts. At Nationals, if you can do a full twisting rewind and your teammates can't do a basic lib, it just counts for nothing.

Check out the post by Ochi: 4th BPoM December entry or here

P.S: Ochi is still promoting his DIY subtlely in this post

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