Saturday, December 4, 2010

BPoM 6th entry for December

The 6th entry for BPoM December is by Veron. The post is on the 5th anniversary celebration of Spectrum. It is really nice to see from the pictures the big family of spectrum over the past 5 years having fun together. I can remember the year spectrum started, everyone in NTU halls taking part in HO have their eyes on them, full of anticipation of the stunts and performance they are going to put up. Ever since that year, Spectrum has always been one of the halls to look forward to during HO.

Special mention had to go to Chaang, for help the formation of Spectrum and then building it to such a great team it is today. I remember Chaang telling me how he literally went door to door to get people to join back then; to unearth all the hidden talents of the hall. Chaang especially had this magical touch with him to attract guys, and not just guys, but big and macho ones like him too. I would say that without Chaang's selfless efforts and singleminded ambition back then, Spectrum would not have been possible. Though Chaang has left Spectrum now, I believe that Spectrum will always have a special place in his heart and that his spirit lives on in Spectrum too. We will always remember the feet stamping cheer off which Spectrum still does till today.

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