Monday, July 26, 2010

Wildcards Stunt Fest 2010

Went down for Wildcards' Annual Stunt Fest on last Saturday. It began with a performance put up by Wildcards.

Even though they may have dropped a couple of stunts, but I have to say that I am still very impressed by the routine, the level of difficulty put into a performance which can easily have been of competition standard. First time ever 7 unassisted cupies were done in a routine, a definite upgrade from the more common 7 single liberties. The other WOW element had to be their 3 libery hitch 360 to gladiator during the cheer segment, drawing huge cheers and applause from the crowd.

After the performance, the stunt fest began. Cheerleaders from teams all around SG, such as Alpha Verve, Denvers, Legacy, Wildcards, Gusto, Genesis, Spectrum, Astros gathered to stunt. They also had featured guest, Eric and Laura from Queen's University of Canada to grace the event.

I have to say that the standard of cheerleading has risen another level, judging by what I saw during the stunt fest. Everyone was trying stunts which were seldom seen or done in SG a year ago. There was also a mass cupie photo taking session and probably almost every single flyer there got on to a cupie, there must have been about 20 of them.

It is great to see everyone improving so fast, and this is only possible if you are open; receptive to advice and at the same time share your ideas. This constant exchange of information will allow cheerleading to grow exponetially. In the age of the internet, everything is moving at a faster pace now; if you holed yourself up, you will decline and become obsolete very quickly.

Now to talk about my personal performance that day during stunt fest. I did pretty ok, managed to hit the stunts that I could do fairly consistenly, but towards the end, I lost quite a bit of strength after I grew tired. My stamina was bad, and I must work on it in order to improve. Snow was in fact very dissapointed that day, dissapointed with my lack of stamina. In all I was fairly pleased with my 2 arms stunts, but dissapointed in my 1 arm stunt, in particular Full up Cupie and Full Around Cupie. Still a long way to making these 2 stunts consistent.

The only half successful Full Up Cupie to Full Around Cupie of the day.

Well to sum it up, everyone had a good time during the stunt fest and everyone is improving alot. A few breakthroughs were also achieved by some that day. I myself had a good training and was very pleased to see all the enthusiastic cheerleaders.

P.S: Consistency is something that I need to work hard to; work hard to being "routine ready"

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