Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog Post of the Month July '10

This is the very first month that we started Chaang BPoM, courtesy of Chaang. And for our very first month, we have a total of 5 entries; 4 early bird entries and 1 normal entry (early bird stands to win $75 while normal wins $50). Now let us recap the entries:

1. Blogged by Ochi
2. Blogged by Gary
3. Blogged by Clement, tagged by Ainslie
4. Blogged by Gerard
5. Blogged by Richard

Once again thanks to all the participants of BPoM contest, for your part in helping to promote the cheerleading in Singapore. So for the first time ever in history, let's announce the winner for BPoM.....

Well we were very happy with the quality of the entries and had a tough discussion over the winner but still came to a dead lock. Hence Chaang decided to award 2 winners for this month BPoM, and they are to Gary and Clement & Ainslie (Clement and Ainslie will split 50-50). Let's congratulate them.

As for the prize, Chaang decided that even though there are 2 winners, he will not split the prize like probably some others would, but instead he shall double up the prize to a total of $150. for this month. His point is simple: If he decided to award 2 champions, he will give both champions what they rightfully deserved as champions in the first place. Therefore Gary and Clement & Ainslie will walk away with $75 per entry.

Their Blog Post once again:

Gary - Want to be champion?

Clement via Ainslie - An introduction to my partner.

Gary's post was set in a serious tone, highlighting in his opinion the dos and don'ts that makes a champion. It was his straight forwardness and no BS style that we loved about his blog post. He voiced out points many might not like to listen or accept; but they are very honest opinions that everyone can take note of. We would love to see more of such open post; posts that comes from the heart and no holds barred.

Clement's post was a little more light hearted but captured our attention for highlighting several important elements in training for cheerleading. His post is about how practice makes prefect and that everyone starts from scratch and learn from setbacks to become smarter and stronger. Having a common goal was also the key for him and his partner and I would say to all teams too. In Clement words, "No pain no gain" and when your goal is met, the taste is undeniably sweet and one can only feel it themselves. We loved the use of the video in the post too, to further etched the points across to the readers.

Congratulations once again to the winners. and also thanks to all for the participation. Hope to see more interesting Blog Post in the coming month.

A special thanks again to Chaang for generously increasing the prize for this month, and for his efforts in doing his part to promote cheerleading in Singapore.

P.S: Gary, Clement and Ainslie pls contact us for the prize presentation. Thanks.

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