Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Get $$$ living your passion

Feel that cheerleading is taking up alot of your time, many hours of lost opportunities for work?

Or not enough money for that new pair of shoe, or to have some for supplements, or not enough for going gymnastics lessons, or not enough to pay for your uniforms, or to have that bit extra to go for workshops or subsidise overseas exchange?

Or any other reasons that you need more money?

Well just take part more in our VoM and BPoM challenge and you can definitely help address some of the above issues, and by only for doing what you love - that is cheerleading.

Take down more videos during training and write out more of your thoughts and feelings about trainings etc into blog posts and stand a chance win money living your passion.

P.S: Believe me that you can expect much more as we move along together; so start early.

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