Monday, July 5, 2010

Video of the Month July '10

For this month, we have 3 videos for VoM challenge. Though not as much as the previous month, I still like to congratulate everyone who participated. Now let us recap the entries:

1. Video by Ka Hau
2. Video by Zhaoming
3. Video by Evanns

Ok, now time to announce the winner of VoM July; and it goes to.......

Zhaoming coach of Magnum and Flare for posting the video featuring Andrew and Jiahui training for their Full up Cupie. Let's give a round of applause

Once again, this video shows that hardwork is the key for cheerleading, that we fail all the time, but those who learn from the countless failuers and preservere will ultimately succeed.

Congratulations to Zhaoming (and Andrew, Jiahui - Zhaoming will treat right?), you have won $50.

Thanks to all for the participation. See more videos soon =)

P.S: Stay tuned for special promotion for August VoM

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