Sunday, June 13, 2010

To those training their Liberties

I mentioned this earlier, now I want to say it again: I don't always have it easy. I worked very hard for it.

I started working for my right liberty in the 2nd half of 2005; then with Yating, the lightest flyer (above 18yrs) you can ever find in SG.

Then in mid June 2006, I started working on my liberty with Xuewei.

I failed countless and countless times, and as you can see in video, my form was atrocious. In the end, I took more than a year to hit my first liberty.

Everyone started off at the same point, I just happen to start earlier then some. Trust me, in a point in future, in a much shorter time span than what I took, you will also be starting to do many more skills other than Right Single Liberty; if only you perserve in it. Trust me on that and believe in yourself.

P.S: Sometimes you never know if you are ever going to achieve it, everything seems so far away, but if only you kept faith and believe, it might already be just around the corner. Give up and you will never find the out.

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