Friday, June 4, 2010

BPoM 2nd entry

Almost back to back, we have our 2nd BPoM July entry. It was posted and tagged by Gary from Wildcards. This guy definitely has the champion's mentality. Gary is so far the strongest base I have seen in SG (military presses 90kg), but yet he still thinks that he is not strong enough. This is certainly the mindset of a champion; never stop improving yourself even though you are already at the top. As a champion, he is fully qualified to blog on this topic he chosen. His post about becoming a champion indeed reflects alot of his no nonsense character, straight forward style and training philosopy.

Check out the post by Gary: 2nd BPoM entry or here

P.S: BTW I have seen this guy did a rewind to extension liberty with my own eyes just last Saturday. He has the video, but is not posting it because he said, "want to see just see me do during nationals next year"

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