Friday, June 4, 2010

BPoM 1st entry for July

We have our 1st BPoM July entry. It was posted and tagged by Ochi from Wildcards. A little intro for those who do not know Ochi; he is currently also the Vice Captain of Wildcards. He is indeed a very hardworking and passionate cheerleader. He is also the driver for "DIY" in Wildcards; without his persistent efforts, we might not be seeing such high levels of partner stunts in Wildcards today. Hence I think it is not so much of a coincidence that he is talking about "DIY" (even though he said he is not) in his first BPoM entry. Nice post by the way, and I loved your Kaizen theory - Whatever you do well, there is always a way to get things done better and more efficiently.

Check out the post by Ochi: 1st BPoM entry or here

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