Friday, June 4, 2010

BPoM 3rd entry

We have a 3rd post for BPoM, keep up the good response. The post was blogged by Clement from Gusto, but tagged by Ainslie. Ok just a little refresher since this is the 1st month of induction of BPoM; if this entry wins, the prize will be split half to Clement (the blogger) and half to Ainslie (the referral). Alright a little about them both; Clement and Ainslie are both young and very promising cheerleaders in SG. Both can tumble very well and definitely a very suitable partner for each other. Hope to see the 2 of you partner up for rewind soon.

I loved the post by Clement, it not only shows the hard work, but also the graditude to people that had helped him along the way, esp his flyer Ainslie. It is very important to give thanks and acknowledge others and your own efforts. Another thing I liked to mentioned about the blog post was the use of a video in it, great job, I love it. (maybe you can tag me for VoM too - kill 2 birds with 1 stone. haha.)

Check out the post by Clement and tagged by Ainslie: 3rd BPoM entry or here

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