Friday, May 7, 2010

VoM Contest June'10

I have an announcement to make: The prize for VoM Contest June'10 has just been increased from $50 to $100.

Thanks alot to Andrew and Yvonne for giving up the chance to take home the prize they won for VoM Contest May and re-contributing it back to VoM Contest June.

Andrew said:
"Our aim is to promote cheer and stuffs, money is secondary and a bonus"

Salute to them for having the right mindset and attitude towards cheerleading.

Their video will automatically be reconsidered as the 1st entry for June. So people out there reading this, start posting your videos; and not make it that easy for them again.

P.S: Just to take a nice video requires time and effort, then to compile and create a video with effects and music takes even more skills. Winning without competition does not take anything away from a great video.

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