Monday, May 3, 2010


It always sounds very simple and easy to listen to the techniques someone tells you in order to hit a particular stunt. But after you try it yourself, trying to implement whatever is taught to you, you start to realise that it is not as simple as it sounds and may start to get frustrated after repeatedly failing even though you are already being "taught"

For example a simple advice like lock your arms and suck in your core can actually be so much tougher when you try to implement it in real life. Usually what can be taught to you are only the right way of doing stunts, the feeling of doing the stunt can never be taught to you; this is the feeling you have to grasp yourself.

Then the funny thing to me most of the times is that after one mastered the stunt, they will start to teach it to others in the same "simple and easy to listen" way. So my conclusion is sometimes when something is taught to you, it might not make sense at first, it is hard to "do what you hear", but after you master it, then you look back and will realize that it made perfect sense now.

How many of you bases had heard something like this before,"Just go down with flyer and then use your legs and blast up together with flyer when she jumps, then flick off hard with your arms at the highest point and catch her feet high." Sounds simple right? But grasping it fully and then doing it is not easy; but the day you master it, it will all make sense suddenly.

P.S: Just keep doing, Repetition is the king of success.

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