Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Video of the Month May '10

In a blink of an eye, 1 month has past again. Today is the day to announce the winner of our VoM contest. This month, there is only 1 entry:

1. Video by Andrew

So without any contest this month, we hereby announce the winner for Vom May'10 goes to...

Andrew from Magnum Force. *Round of applause*

Very nice video made by Andrew that showcases himself trying some really elite stunts. Great job put in by his flyer Yvonne too. What I really liked about the video is the never say die attitude; you can see that they had tried doing that toss cupie liberty for more than 1 training from the different shirts they wore. Not being afraid to show your failures and keep working on them is an exemplary quality to show to everyone. Good job for incorporating humour into the video as well.

Congratulations once again Andrew, you won $50.

The response this month had not been ideal, but it will take nothing away from the only winning video entry; it was really a well done video. Ok after some review, some changes are made for the VoM contest to promote more video entries. Now you may post and/or tag me in videos that feature your friends(The other eligibility criteria still applies); then I will proceed to get permission from person who posted it(if the person who posted it is not you yourself), to allow you to take part in VoM contest using a video he/she posted and for you to stand a chance to win. Hope to see more great videos next month. (note: person who tags me gets to win the prize)

P.S: Andrew, I will try my best to go find you before you shave off all your hair =)

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