Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You gotta try these!

One day I received a call from KC, telling me that he had something nice for me that night. I asked him what is it and he said Jara-Petit mini CheeseCups. I had heard so much about Jiahui's famous delicious cheesecups and finally I was going to get a chance to eat it. That day I was so looking forward to it, ever since the time we were training our groups stunts for CWC in Germany, that I had minimum lunch and dinner so I can enjoy them to the fullest.

I immediately told Xuewei and ask her to come my house after dinner to enjoy it together. In the end her brother came as well, all the way just to try the unique cheesecups which we told him about once. (I was a bit pissed, because it means I cannot eat as much. Haha, Just kidding.)

Comes in a very beautiful packaging, great as a gift. I loved the blue ribbons.

Xuewei's little brother holding up the name card. Cannot see the card well though.

A close up shot for a better view

Let's see what we have inside the box...

Wow 6 different flavoured cheesecups

We have Durian, Strawberry, Green Tea, Plain, Oreo and Chocolate

Some shots of us eating the tasty cheesecups.

I tried them and they all tasted very very nice. The taste is like the cheese cakes you can normally find out there, just much nicer. And the idea of them in a mini cup makes it very easy to eat and very convenient too.

Some close up shots of the cheesecups.




Eating Intently

Xuewei and Brother

Xuewei and me

Simply Thumb ups

All the cheesecups were gone in a flash

If any cleaner I'd have to lick the cups

Once again thank you Jara-Petit for the wonderful mini cheesecups

To sum it up, Jara-Petit Mini CheeseCups is delicious, an ideal dessert for any occasion, or simply when you have a sweet tooth. They certainly also make the perfect gift for friends and especially some one you are chasing after (Imagine you can tell the story about the cheesecups to someone you are after, while she/he is eating it; a good conversation starter).

If you guys want to try them or find out more, please go to http://jara-petit.com/.

P.S: Take the step forward, no venture no gain.

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