Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are you irreplaceble?

Have anyone ever told you to work hard or train hard to improve and become very proficient in your work or skills, so that you can become irreplaceble/indispensible?

There is some truth in that statement and it carries with it a certain amount of motivation. Up till a certain level, I would endorse this statement, since it promotes people to work harder, to become the best.

In this world, no one is truely irreplaceble. But if ideally you really can truely become irreplaceble, would you want that? It means you are really excellent, the best in whatever you do.

As I move along in life, my views and take of issues changes as I grow and learn from my seniors. In my opinion now, I would not be too happy if someone told me I am irreplaceble.

"Don’t be irreplaceable. If you can’t be replaced, it means you can’t be promoted."

Share, teach and motivate your subordinates, fellow colleagues or teammates.
One day, one of them may replace you because of your promotion.
Your promotion will be much easier if you are replaceable.
If you are irreplaceble in that role of your job, chances are your boss is not going to promote you; else who is going to do that job for him since no one can replace you?

We should all share as much as we can, help those after us. This is the only way we can move on to greater things, instead of being stuck and becoming a victim of our own magnificence. We should always work to nurture people to someday take over us.

P.S: There is no hard and fast rule for everything. We need to progress with time.

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