Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Front Hand Spring Round Off Back Tuck

Was just playing around the other day. Then I started to do some FHS cause long time never do. And it felt good, so I tried to connect it to a round off.

I did not really expect to be able to connect it, as I did not train that for a really long time.

Then have to thanks to KW for psychoing me to just add a back tuck. I did FHSRO a few more times and it felt good, so I just threw in the back tuck. Hhaha and I did it.

This pass was one that I hoped to do for the longest time; ever since the day I saw Ting and Pond from RSU did it in "To Be Number 1 Competition 2005". I even tried to do it for my last nationals in 2008, but just cannot hit it. Then now, without really thinking much I did it.

This really means alot to me, and brings back the fire for more.

P.S: I think losing all those weight made it possible for me without even realising it myself.

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