Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Love our time"

Many would have seen this advertisement if they had been watching TV recently. I personally found the little girl in it super cute, many will agree with me too.

For those who do not understand mandarin, it goes something like this:

The little girl asks, "Daddy are you going for work later?"

Daddy replies, "Girl, Daddy do not need to work today."

Then the girl says, "I love to come and have breakfast here."

Daddy asks, "Why?"

The little girl replies, "Because if we come here, then daddy do not need to go to work."

We all know that it is because the dad does not have to work that's why he can afford the time to bring his daugther out for breakfast at Macs; but to the innocent little girl, she thought that it is because of eating breakfast at Macs, that her dad do not have to go to work. I found this advertisement very nice and quite heart warming, and I took notice of this ad purely because I was charmed by the cute little girl.

However each time I watched it, new thoughts and emotions comes to me. Though this commercial portrayed a very light hearted side to the story, but it is the deeper meaning behind the the commercial that struck a cord with me after watching it several times(still captivated by the small girl each time though).

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Having a family, with a kid or 2 probably? (maybe one as cute or cuter than the little girl) But how many of us will be able to have the time to bring our children out for breakfast every morning? Or for those still single, to have the time to go out as and when you want to and to do the things you love when you are still young?

If I were the daddy in the show, I would probably be feeling a little emo and sad when my daughter says the above to me. Probably the daddy loves to bring his little girl out, but cannot do so, usually because of work.

I am not saying working is no good, but how many of us would like a life and time controlled by ourselves and not work? Or even better, to achieve financial freedom early, when you are still young, when your kid is still young, so that you can spend more time with them during their developmental years when they are the most impressionable? Or for those single, to travel the world before your bones starts aching when you walk?

I do not wish in future to hear my kid tell me the same thing as in the commercial. It would mean that I am still a slave to life. The commercial is light hearted, but it really tells a very grim story behind it, one that 70% of us are living in.

Start planning and think about your future now, it is never too early, even small steps a time makes a big difference in the long run.

P.S: Don't think buying TOTO can solve all your problems =)

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