Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Favorite Performance

Have some spare time and was watching through the HO videos one by one. 1 thing that is consistent with all the halls is the the standard had raised alot since I started cheer.

The "nostalgic me" decided to whip out some old videos and watch. Alot of fond memories came flooding into my mind as I watched. I have to say that I do miss stepping onto the mats and performing, especially on the big occassions.

One video that I decide to re-watch a few times had to be the Performance for Project Super Star Finals. This was without doubt one of my most memorable performance, even though it is not a competition.

It was a performance in front of thousands of people screaming for us (or also for Diya). The crowd was all around in the stands of the Indoor Stadium. It was always a great feeling performing in a stadium, with people in the stands all around cheering. It is very different from the usual performances outdoors, on a stage, in schools, in hotels or shopping centres etc. Those who had performed with me in Project Super Star Finals, or those who had been to overseas competition before can tell you exactly how SHIOK it is performing in an Indoor Stadium.

One more reason that makes it even more memorable was because it had media coverage from Media Corp. How cool can that be right. It was considered my first time on air; had to keep making sure my hair was tidy, haha. How I wish that our local cheerleading Nationals Competition will get to have more and more media coverage; then it can create a larger awareness and more people will join the sport, subsequently the sport will grow. Maybe even the atheletes of YOG might consider joining cheerleading when they get older after watching cheerleading on TV (As I said this I am more of hoping to get the attention of gymnasts, as they usually retire from the top level once they past their youth, to come join cheerleading - soccer players also not bad, haha, if you know what I mean).

Cheerleaders now are really fortunate, spoilt with the best choices out there. Dream can become Reality if we go down the right road.

P.S: We need the energies of everyone together now

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