Monday, February 8, 2010

Time and tide wait for no man

For those who watch the English Premier League:

Do you see Hull City player complaining that Manchester Utd or Chelsea got better training grounds and facilities; and that is why they win most of the times?

If you want better training facilities, you have to earn it, and no one is stopping you from getting them. It's just a matter of whether you have the capabilities to get them or not.

End of the day "A Gan" is "A Gan", just play it like a man. With the right mentality, every team is capable of beating any team, even Man Utd or Chelsea. No single pair of boots in the world is going to make you the best player without working hard.

P.S: It does not mean that if 1 team in the Premier League is playing on a sandy pitch; then all has to convert their pitch into a sandy one. The only way to progress is to progress. Time and Tide wait for no one.

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