Friday, February 27, 2009

It's my life

I came across the below from some webpage about cheerleading.

"While cheerleaders in teen movies seem to have the most exciting social lives on the planet, actual cheerleading squads often have to give up 25+ hours a week to practice . . . not to mention going to the actual games to do the cheerleading. It's a huge time commitment, so be 100% sure that you have the time to devote to it."

25+ hours a week, that is more than 5 hours a day if you train 5 days a week. It seems that cheerleaders really have not much of "life" outside training. So if you are spending so much of your time in training, try making it happy times, else it is really not easy to continue on. Jiayou to all cheerleaders out there, I salute you all.

Always keep in mind the reason why you cheer.

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bunnyechoes said...

Too bad that the non-cheerleaders don't realise how much effort we put into all this.

Also, having a good team is for me the most important thing for spending quality time while on practice - if you're there just because you need to stay fit then you don't really enjoy it. But as long as you're there for staying fit, meeting new people and having fun with those you already know, then you're the winner. :)