Sunday, March 8, 2009

1 or 0

As part of 元大鹰 early trainings in basketball, he was asked to keep working on his dribbling. The coach told him to dribble across an overhead bridge before he could start practicing shooting. The bridge together with it's steps up and steps down was not easy to conquer.

As he was about to finish it finally, he was distracted by someone calling his name, and dropped the ball. But instead of feeling sorry for himself, or getting angry, he said this, “只要一出手啊,不是拿零分就是拿一百分,就算只差一阶也是零分,也是失败。”

In executing your stunts, there is no room in the middle. It is always 1 or 0, either you hit it perfectly, or you do not. A stunt that goes up in a routine, if it is wobbly, means you have failed. Might as well do something that you can hit perfectly, than something you give room for deductions.

If you want to do something, do it perfectly. There is no sympathy points given in this game we are playing.

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