Monday, March 30, 2009


In every field, there are bound to be some special individuals who stand out amongst the rest. I can group them into 3 kinds - (1) talented ones but conventional, (2) not talented but does things beyond normal conventions and (3) both talented and does things beyond normal conventions. These people often are the ones that stand out, and especially so for number (3). People who can think out of the box and not afraid to try things beyond normal conventions are the ones that will achieve greatness. (BTW I am not talking about myself; recently I discovered such a person.)

This is a post about half a year back. At that time, I managed to at least do Full up, Full Around and Tick Tock; even though not to a high success rate. Now, after achieving Pop Over, I can do all the 4 targets I set, but Hands Full Around still seems very inconsistent. Is Hands Full Around the final piece of the puzzle before I attempt Rewind?

There are reasons for me to set these targets before moving on. Each of these 4 skills require quite different sets of abilities, and in aquiring each of the abilites, I am sure it will cover an all round aspect of partner stunting, hence getting myself more prepared for Rewind. These are just my own ideas, no one is there to teach me what to do, as has been the case my entire cheerleading life, therefore I can only try out myself. I will re-evaluate my theory again after I succeed.

P.S: A genius is able to get from A to D without going through the Bs and Cs. I am no genius, so I can only do it using my type of approach, that is to find the Bs and the Cs.

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