Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You only receive what you give away

I was reading through my past posts, and I saw my 100th post, on the 17th of October 2008.

Link to "100th Post"

In the post (highlighted yellow in the picture), I wished that I can do a Pop Over. At that time, 17th Oct, I have still yet to be able to do a pop over, but I sincerely asked to be able to do it.

I told myself again and wrote it down in a post, "The Great" on 17th Nov 2008, that I really want to do it, to make it happen.

Link to "The Great"

And now that I was reading through my post, I noticed that I achieved my Pop Over on 17th Nov, exactly 1 month after I wished for it, and the same day as I willed it to happen soon. (It is also 1 day after my birthday; maybe it's a birthday wish come true too. hah)

Comment on my first ever Pop Over circled red.(some time delay)

Therefore, I believe that if you want something, just ask and then seek for it. It will not appear or happen out of the blue, it may take some time, and in my case 1 month; so be patient. True, we may not always get what we ask for, but we will NEVER get what we don’t ask for!

P.S: Other than "Ask and you shall receive", "Seek and you shall find", remember the other universal law: "You only receive what you give away". How much you get is how much you are willing to give.

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