Monday, February 23, 2009


Just went through his webpage, and saw his latest videos. The moment I finished watching, I just had to blog about them. This guy is simply ZAI!!

His name is 八卦, a truely powerful base from Taiwan. I guess I have to say that it really is my honour to be able to base together with him a few times before; the stunt feeling he gives is really simply incredible.

His flyer, 雅伶, in the video is very great too. Did my first ever Hands Full-Around with her.

Follow the links on that page to see his other videos.

This is my favourite, a link of his recent tryouts for national team -

In him, I saw the neverending spirit to improve. He is one of the best in partner stunting in his country and probably one of the best chinese in the world sometime back already, but he never stop and continue improving himself.

The best means nothing if you do not continue to improve.

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