Monday, November 17, 2008

The Great

People were telling me that I missed out someone who can also do toss cupie in the recent cupie video. Yup I did, because I do not have any nice recent video of his. Alright I think I shall give him some due credit in this post and we all know who he is, the person mentioned is non other than Dion, the first person in Singapore to do the toss cupie. He was my source of motivation at one point of time in my cheerleading life.

I joined cheerleading around January 2004, and we were all noobs back then. I did not know much about the cheerleading scene back then, just concentrated on doing my elevators. It was only during Cheerobics 2004, that I got a glimpse of the cheerleading teams out there. I was like wow there are many good teams. And I was especially awed by this routine, a class above all. It was put up by this team wearing blue and white, it is non other than Magnum Force. This was also the team that Dion was in then.

I was still very new in 2004, and do not know much about him, just some rumours that he was a very strong base. I did not bother much until Cheerobics 2005. It was then I saw live with my own eyes Dion doing a unassisted cupie(below is a shot of it). Ever since then, his name just never stops popping up. He became a goal for me, and also a few of my team mates. After that day, we were all very driven hence worked very hard.

In the year 2006, I was more aware of the cheerleading scene. It was in Cheerobics 2006, that Dion wowed us again with his toss cupie, the first ever in Singapore again (below is a clip of it). Although his toss cupie was not enough to push them to victory that year (ACES were champions that year), his partner stunts was still the best in Singapore then. To cut a long story short, I was being impressed and wanted to emulate Dion, but also at the same time later, we wanted to surpass him; whichever the case, he still played a part in my early cheerleading life.

Everyone in cheerleading definetely have a source of purpose, motivation, inspiration or drive from some individual, or some team, at each phase from time to time. For me, Dion had played a role in my cheerleading development. He joined Magnum Force some time in mid of 2002 (same time as Snow), and took part in Cheerobics 2003, even before I knew of cheerleading. From mid 2002 to Cheerobics 2006 was around 3 and a half year. That was also about the same amount of time it took for me to do my first toss cupie (from Jan 2004 to July 2007). I have to say that without Dion around, I would probably have taken a much longer time than that.

Ever since the day I did toss cupie, I am looking for new motivation in Singapore. One may used to be a motivation to others, but one day if he/she stops improving, others will catch up with him/her. This applies to everyone, keep working hard, and not rest on your laurels!

P.S: My new motivation shall come from a student of mine in the past, non other than the first man in Singapore to do a Pop Over. Student become teacher's motivation leh, not bad sia. Need to do my pop over soon.


wpsl said...

Star shifu truely is a motivating factor. Back in the days in hall, we will just stay up all night to watch cheerleading videos. All the toss cupies and stuff. He got me inspired and made me wanna join cheerleading competitively.

Today, I need thank the Star for where I am too. We will continue to improve.

Without the Star, there will be no WPSL or awesome. With the Star, there is pop over.

This is also dedicated to the Star, for his first pop over today. No. 2 in singapore.

*star* said...

aiseh. haha


Warlord said...

Ai Seh... The warlord hereby salutes THE GREAT. Despites the differences we had back then, you were really a model of inspiration for me too.

WPSL & Star, wait for me leh, dun improve so fast can?? haha... I'll be back in action in december.

*star* said...

eh I improving very slowly liao. Nv did anything new since my full up months ago.

Better come back fast, else dun wait for you lo. haha