Friday, November 21, 2008

From the pits of dusty boxes...

Today I played soccer, or rather futsal for the first time in almost 3 years. This reminds me of the day I "retired" from soccer, everything flashed back, and I felt very emotional. I even wrote a "blog post" on it that day, just that it was on our traditional paper with black ink pen. Hence I went to search for the piece of paper, which was lost somewhere for over a year since I moved out of NTU hall. To my excitment and happiness, I found it. Not only did I found that particular soccer "entry" I found along with it several letters I "wrote to myself", to encourage myself during exams few years back. Since it is now the time of exams for NTU students, I shall type out one such letter, and maybe a few more another time. (Will touch back on the soccer one in the next post.)

"Exams is not a test of how smart or knowledgeble you are.
In the real world, how smart or knowledgeble you are is not the key to success.
Exams is a test of your determination, how determined you are in doing a task.
That, determination, is what is needed in the real world, the key to success.
The more well you do in your exams, the more your determination is.
The better you can do in your exams, the more well you can do in the real world.
People who think what we study is not related to the real world is not wrong.
But people who then think since study is not related and choose not to study is wrong.
People will naturally do better in something they have a passion for.
If you can do well in something you have no passion for, then it speaks volumes of your determination.
To do well in something you have a passion for is a norm.
But to do well in something you have no passion for, like studying, is an achievement.
To me exams is still a necessary evil.
I must have the determination, the key to sucess and achievement.

P.S: BTW this was in 2004. I did not realised that I started "blogging" so long ago. After exams and we shall be back in action. Jiayou!

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